South Fremantle High School

Australia's First Certified Carbon Neutral School

Carbon Neutral South Fremantle Senior High School

We are very excited to have assisted South Fremantle Senior High School in WA, to become the first NCOS certified Carbon Neutral school in Australia! This status was obtained in May 2012 and was celebrated with Prime Minister Julia Gillard on September 4th, 2012.

Project Details

Client South Fremantle High School  Date Carbon Neutral status achieved in 2012

The Story

South Fremantle Senior High School, a public school located in Western Australia, commenced their sustainability journey in 2007. The school’s Principal, Geri Hardy, joined the school in 2008 and under her leadership, the school adopted the ambitious aim of becoming ‘Carbon Neutral’. Being driven largely by the passion and enthusiasm of a number of sustainability advocates from the school and local community, the school has been actively working towards this aim over the past five years and in 2011, decided to apply for certification under the Federal Government’s NCOS Carbon Neutral Program

How SFHSHS Achieved Carbon Neutrality

South Fremantle High School implemented a number of initiatives that took their school from emitting 640 tonnes of CO2e to 434 tonnes of CO2e per year.

Low Carbon Initiatives

  • Replaced normal water taps with low-flow
  • Switched to waterless urinals (via urinal cakes)
  • Implemented a live energy monitoring system

Emissions Management Plan

Following completion of the carbon audit Samantha and Vanessa worked closely with the Carbon Neutral Committee to create an emissions management plan (EMP), which clearly established targets and identified reduction actions and initiatives that could be implemented in the following 12 months.

Carbon Neutral Committee

Their carbon neutral journey included the establishment of a sustainability committee and the appointment of a Carbon Neutral Program Manager. The committee consists of staff, teachers and community partners, which helps ensure the longevity of sustainability initiatives at the school.

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