The ClimateClever Initiative

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With the tremendous success of the Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program with 15 schools in Perth, we are launching the ClimateClever Initiative in 2018. Click here to learn more about the program. Join our Mailing List here.

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The first step to become a low carbon school is to measure your carbon footprint and set your baseline. We can help you with our easy online tools.


The next step is to create a simple plan for how to reduce your emissions. We help you to identify the easy affordable options first.


With your planned reductions in place, we help you work out how you can switch to solar to make significant carbon reductions AND save money.

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What People Say About Us

“It has focused the school community. Improved existing programs and enabled new initiatives to be implemented seamlessly. Even with a small committee and few committed staff we have achieved a great amount in 12 months.”

Samson Primary School

“The program introduces the idea of Low Carbon and Sustainability very simply and softly, whilst ensuring action plans are drawn up and actions implemented to some extent. It is informative and supportive to help people who may be new to the idea to take it on board and collect data etc.”

John Curtin College of the Arts

“Thank you to the Low Carbon team for outstanding and very useful professional learning. Your presentations are always full of useful information and delivered with excitement and passion. Even though my school thought it was a long way down the road of sustainability we have learnt a lot more by being involved in these workshops. The opportunity to hear and speak to specific area specialists has been a huge advantage along with the networking opportunities of like-minded educators and school community members that is program has offered. Well done – my school team look forward to making a difference to the education of our students through involvement in this excellent program.”

Hugh McKracken
Principal, Palmyra Primary School

“Winterfold Primary School have already seen the benefits of the LCSP in terms of staff, student and parent interest and engagement.  This project has been discussed at school P and C and Board level and we have had numerous students activiely participating in a variety of areas related to the project.  I endorse and support any application to further enhance the project’s positive impact on our students, staff and wider Fremantle community.”

Steve Berry
Principal, Winterfold Primary School

“I have found the project very interesting and valuable. Thanks everyone for getting it started. I hope very soon that all schools are involved.”

Lance Holt Primary School

“The program is challenging, thought provoking, absolutely worthwhile, brilliantly presented.

Spearwood Alternative School

“It has really helped us to begin to move forward in doing our part for sustainability.  I have learnt A LOT!”

Winterfold Primary School

“We believe that this program will have far reaching impacts, not only on the schools currently participating, but for future participant schools who are already showing interest in signing up for the program. And if an entity as complex, as time poor and as financially constrained as our schools can reduce emissions – then surely there is a covert teaching opportunity that exists here as a challenge to the broader business community… if schools can, then you can!”

Melanie Bainbridge
Previous Sustainability Officer, City of Fremantle