Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program

A pilot program in partnership with the City of Fremantle

What is the LCS Pilot Program?

The Low Carbon Schools (LCS) Pilot Program is a 2-year program developed in WA to assist schools to improve the sustainability and operating efficiency of their schools buildings and facilities, reduce their carbon footprint and educate the tomorrow’s leaders about sustainable resource consumption using their own schools as a living laboratory.

The program helps schools to calculate their carbon footprint, develop their own, individualised carbon reduction action plan by providing a range of technical solutions, behaviour change initiatives, and ideas about how these initiatives can be linked into the curriculum. Our partnership with Millennium Kids also offers our schools the opportunity to hold additional workshops with their students, helping them create student-led carbon reduction projects. The 2016/17 LCS program brings the schools together on a monthly basis to learn, explore, and share experiences and support to each other in implementing their action plans. We are already seeing some great carbon and cost reductions after 12 months of the program!

For more information about our current pilot program, check out this article by Curtin University.

We would like to acknowledge Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRC LCL) as our research partners in this innovative pilot program. The research focuses on how schools can influence community awareness, knowledge and action on climate change and decarbonisation. To find out more about this research, see the CRC LCL website.


Why Should My School Join?

We aim to help each participating school in the pilot to reduce their energy by 20%

One school has saved over $240,000 by pursuing carbon reduction initiatives!



Reduce the annual cost of operating your school


Receive and provide peer support through regular contact with other schools

Access expertise from qualified sustainability specialists


Receive assistance to calculate your school’s emissions and create emission reduction strategies and a carbon management plan


Connect to local suppliers, receive help to source discounts

Registrations now open for our 2018 program!

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It's never too late to start reducing your impact.

For some inspiration, check out the South Fremantle High School case study.

If you have any questions about the program, please email kathy@simplycarbon.com.au.

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