If you’ve never been to Lance Holt Primary School in the heart of Fremantle, you’re in for a treat! Lance Holt is our smallest school in the Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program (LCSPP) with around 100 students. The school building is by far one of the most interesting schools we’ve had the pleasure of visiting – think compact, and vertical. Photo 23-3-17, 4 41 33 pm

Being situated right in the middle of Fremantle, Lance Holt doesn’t have their own oval or outdoor playing area (aside from what you can see in the photo above), so they regularly take the kids out to Fremantle Esplanade for some outdoor time as well as nature walks throughout the streets of Fremantle where kids learn about the urban flora and fauna. How Lance Holt utilises the public space just a few blocks away is a brilliant example of maximising the usability of public spaces. Imagine if more schools opted to use their neighbourhood parks and ovals rather than building their own

Lance Holt recently implemented a new waste system and also showed off their impressive Cara composter. The kids put the food waste in the provided bin and once it’s full, they place it in the Cara and turn it on. The device essentially dehydrates the food and then it can be used in the garden. It also uses astonishingly little power, which we were happy to hear!Photo 23-3-17, 5 09 36 pm