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About the ClimateClever Initiative – National Pilot

In 2016, SimplyCarbon, in collaboration with Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRC LCL), launched an innovative two-year Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program with 15 schools in Western Australia. Having already received exceptional feedback from our participating schools, we are excited to be launching the ClimateClever national pilot in January 2018. Participating schools will benefit from reduced carbon emissions, financial savings from utility bills and improved student learning outcomes around sustainability and carbon reduction. With schools already lining up to participate in the national pilot and only limited places, secure your spot now and join the growing body of schools who are changing the world!

Our Partners & Supporters


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What schools are saying about the ClimateClever Program

(previously referred to as the Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program)

“It has focused the school community. Improved existing programs and enabled new initiatives to be implemented seamlessly. Even with a small committee and few committed staff we have achieved a great amount in 12 months.”

Samson Primary School

“The program introduces the idea of Low Carbon and Sustainability very simply and softly, whilst ensuring action plans are drawn up and actions implemented to some extent. It is informative and supportive to help people who may be new to the idea to take it on board and collect data etc.”

John Curtin College of the Arts

“Thank you to the Low Carbon team for outstanding and very useful professional learning. Your presentations are always full of useful information and delivered with excitement and passion. Even though my school thought it was a long way down the road of sustainability we have learnt a lot more by being involved in these workshops. The opportunity to hear and speak to specific area specialists has been a huge advantage along with the networking opportunities of like-minded educators and school community members that is program has offered. Well done – my school team look forward to making a difference to the education of our students through involvement in this excellent program.”

Hugh McKracken
Principal, Palmyra Primary School

“Winterfold Primary School have already seen the benefits of the LCSP in terms of staff, student and parent interest and engagement.  This project has been discussed at school P and C and Board level and we have had numerous students activiely participating in a variety of areas related to the project.  I endorse and support any application to further enhance the project’s positive impact on our students, staff and wider Fremantle community.”

Steve Berry
Principal, Winterfold Primary School

“I have found the project very interesting and valuable. Thanks everyone for getting it started. I hope very soon that all schools are involved.”

Lance Holt Primary School

“The program is challenging, thought provoking, absolutely worthwhile, brilliantly presented.

Spearwood Alternative School

“It has really helped us to begin to move forward in doing our part for sustainability.  I have learnt A LOT!”

Winterfold Primary School

“We believe that this program will have far reaching impacts, not only on the schools currently participating, but for future participant schools who are already showing interest in signing up for the program. And if an entity as complex, as time poor and as financially constrained as our schools can reduce emissions – then surely there is a covert teaching opportunity that exists here as a challenge to the broader business community… if schools can, then you can!”

Melanie Bainbridge
Previous Sustainability Officer, City of Fremantle

The Program Process

From our vast research, together with our extensive experience and pilot programs, we have analysed the most successful components of the program and distilled the learnings into three innovative online web tools designed to specifically help schools streamline the process of reducing their emissions. We are now developing curriculum resources to ensure the web Apps, data and activities can be integrated across curriculum areas.


Our online carbon tracker helps schools to calculate their operational carbon footprint in a standardised way, providing benchmarks and baselines for schools across the country to compare with one another, as well as track their own emissions year on year.


Our online Building Audit Tool allows students to understand how their buildings and facilities consume resources, and therefore, how they perform operationally. This can be tracked annually to identify and better understand changes in the carbon footprint.


Using data collected from the carbon footprint & building audit, our interactive online carbon management platform provides schools with abundant tips & advice to strategically & systematically reduce their carbon footprint. It enables schools to assign tasks, set deadlines, monitor progress and provide feedback to other schools.

Benefits of the ClimateClever Initiative

Enrich student learning through hands-on activities

We help schools go beyond textbooks by providing them with the resources to use their buildings and facilities as a living laboratory for students to learn about sustainability. By using real-life data about your schools’ own resource consumption, students learn how to reduce their impact, both at school as well as in the home. This enables intergenerational change, and helps to inspire and empower kids (our future leaders!) to actively participate in creating a low carbon future.

Link carbon reduction initiatives to the national curriculum

With sustainability as one of the three Cross Curricula Priorities in Australia, there are abundant opportunities to incorporate sustainability themes into all curriculum areas. Our program helps you integrate your school’s low carbon initiatives, including the footprint and building audit process, into the curriculum across all year levels. We provide the curriculum resources (e.g. lesson plans & activities) specifically based around our ClimateClever apps.

Save at least 10% on your school's utility costs

The icing on the cake! Schools who create and implement ambitious action plans through the use of our ClimateClever apps and curriculum resources, are likely to save at least 10% on their utility costs (water, waste, electricity & gas). The sky is the limit – your school’s savings depend entirely on how much you engage with the program and implement initiatives!

Engage with your local community

We think schools have tremendous potential to have a positive social impact so we provide opportunities for schools to engage their local community around low carbon living through events & fundraising.

Give back to communities around the world

As a social enterprise, 50% of our profits go to helping schools in our remote communities and schools in other countries around the world make improvements to their schools using low carbon technologies. By joining the program, YOU are helping make that happen!

Empower your students to become responsible global citizens

The program enables schools to compare their carbon footprints and building assets to other schools, which provides students with a much deeper understanding of climate change as a global problem and the impact of their own carbon footprint. It also facilitates an understanding of global equity around resource consumption. By empowering your students to reduce their own footprint, we can help to ensure every student around the world has access to an equal share of the earth’s resources.

Become true leaders of sustainability

By joining the ClimateClever Initiative, you will become leaders in sustainability and have the opportunity to influence schools across the country (and the world!) about how to take action on climate change through education.

What We'll Deliver


All three ClimateClever online apps


An online community forum for participating schools to brainstorm, share ideas & seek advice about suppliers


Student lesson plans & resources to integrate our program into various curriculum areas


Opportunities to interrogate data to see how your school compares to other schools around Australia


Quarterly meet-ups facilitated by the ClimateClever team


Access to the ClimateClever experts for advice and guidance during your carbon reduction journey


Access to a 'Home' version of the ClimateClever App to track community impact

We aim to help each participating school reduce their utility costs by 10%

One school has saved over $240,000 by pursuing carbon reduction initiatives!

What Commitment Do We Require?

It goes without saying that the more you commit to the program, the more savings and benefit you’ll get. Our basic requirements are that you:

Establish a Low Carbon / Sustainability Committee

Your committee must consist of at least one of each of the following:

  • Teacher;
  • Business Manager/Registrar;
  • P&C/Community Representative; and,
  • Student Representative.

Low Carbon Committee Reps to attend quarterly 2-hour meetings

Use of the online web apps to conduct an annual:

  • Operational carbon footprint of the school
  • Audit of the buildings and facilities

Implement a Low Carbon Action Plan using the ClimateClever Action App

  • Including monthly updates

Pursue a 10% reduction in carbon emissions over the first two years


Incorporate your low carbon initiatives into the curriculum

While it is up to each school & their teachers to decide how many of the curriculum resources & lessons plans they wish to use, their use will help to ensure long term sustainability and success of the program.


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