With everyone back into the swing of the school term, it was time to meet-up at Canning Vale Primary School! Canning Vale Primary Schools shares a campus with the Canning Vale Education Support Centre and the campus boasts some impressive sustainability features. Students that are part of the Eco Team took the group on a tour of the campus. Recently they’ve completed a water wise garden with native plants and a fruit orchard and they have an impressive raised garden bed set-up complete with many different types of herbs and vegetables.

The students pointed out their impressive recycling system (with many of the other schools in the group taking note of their approach!) and e-waste recycling.

A recent fundraiser the P&C has taken on board is selling stainless steel water bottles with the option of engraving the student names on them. A great example of a fundraising option that is sustainable and practical! Also a few months ago Canning Vale conducted a water audit and they put flow restrictors on their taps, going from 12L per minute to 4L per minute. A magnificent saving in water use!

The students also cheerfully shared the Silver Switch Award – an award for classrooms who switch off their rooms the most. Such a brilliant idea to get the school motivated about saving energy!

During the discussions following the tour, we learned how all the schools are progressing with their low carbon initiatives and Vanessa held a short feedback about our 2018 national pilot program! It’s an exciting time for us as we are eagerly building three new web applications to make carbon reduction in schools that much more easy and exciting. Click here to read more about our 2018 launch! 

Another big thank you to Phillipa for hosting the meetup and the students for giving such excellent presentations about the amazing things their school is up to.