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@Baz_DuBois That relates to everything, hey Baz! Children CAN do anything, if we encourage & inspire them!… month 0 0
Day 1 of the #IVLP #Climate #Leadership program in the US... So far, we’ve had an awesome tour of DC, a fascinating… month 0 7
Now to see how sustainable & low carbon Ben&Jerry’s ice cream is - in its home town of Burlington, Vermont! #IVLP weeks 0 5
Midterms! C’mon Americans - get your votes in...1 week 0 2
Was so wonderful catching up w/ this amazing friend & colleague in New York - Herr @jebbrugmann (founder of ICLEI,… month 1 3
Meetings w/ the Texas Market Operator (@ERCOT_ISO), Public Utilities Commission, @austinenergy & @georgetowntx Util… weeks 0 7
@alexanderk_ios I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a button up shirt??! 🤔1 week 0 0
Hate plastic straws? Check out these cool edible straws... from pasta. At the Kimpton Hotel chain in the US ✅✅✅… weeks 3 5
@troutish We visited one dairy farm here that was using a biodigestor for their manure & creating clean energy. But… weeks 0 1

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