Our third meet-up of the year took place at Bibra Lake Primary School, located a lovely 5 minute walk from the Bibra Lake Wetlands, a stunning piece of bush.

Sandy Pascoe (Vice Principal) and the Planet Warriors, a group of kids committed to pushing sustainability within the school, led the tour around the school. Each of the Planet Warriors gets a branded headband and they earn “leaf” pins when they have done a certain amount of sustainability activities. You can tell by the way the kids beam with their headband and pins on that being a part of the Planet Warriors is a sense of pride.


Some of the Planet Warriors! (Image Credit: YourMove)

Bibra Lake PS boasts an impressive edible garden that sits right between the classrooms and the walkways. It gives the courtyard a leafy feel. During the tour, Sandy pointed out a solar PV system on one of the buildings. Like many schools, they aren’t sure if the solar panel is even turned on or contributing anything because when it was installed, there was no display or monitoring to track the output. We see this often with schools and if there is some sort of display, there isn’t a sufficient handover of information to enable the schools to effectively utilise it.

An edible garden nestled in between clasrooms

An edible garden nestled in between classrooms

Recently, the school implemented a new set of coloured recycling bins, with big signs to help the younger kids put their items in the correct bin. There is still a bit of a learning curve for some of the younger kids but the Planet Warriors have committed to helping the younger kids and help educate them about how to use the bins.

The primary theme of this meet-up was energy, and Mark Timson from Sustainable Action gave a short presentation on some of the findings from his energy audits he’s completed for some of our LCSPP schools. His audits are very affordable and provide practical advice on how to tackle the big ticket items without spending a lot of money. The schools have been very pleased with their audits so far and many of them jumped straight into implementing his recommendations right away.

Bibra Lake PS was fortunate to have the Mayor of Melville Russel Aubrey and his wife come along to the meet-up. The students prepared a song to sing before the break for a light dinner, the group had a nice sing-along with the mayor.

Sandy and a team of P&C members made some lovely lasagna for the group and over dinner, we shared problems and solutions schools were encountering with their latest low carbon initiatives.

Thanks Sandy & the Bibra Lake crew for the wonderful lasagna and for showing us the wonderful things you’ve been up to!