Baldivis is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Perth and surprisingly, over 2/3rds of the households in Baldivis have solar pv installed on their roofs. Baldivis Secondary College is the only highschool for the suburb right now and it is an impressive new building that is rapidly growing in student numbers. Their facilities can’t keep up with the numbers and they’ve had to add another 50 classrooms in 2015 and had 13 transportables put on campus in 2016.

It’s without saying, Baldivis with all of their facilities to run, had some pretty large utility bills to pay. When their school building was constructed, they had a BMS (building management system) installed but it was

never hooked up. The BMS allows for some pretty fantastic controls particularly around electricity usage… if it’s hooked up properly. The school spent some money to get the BMS up and running and it’s expected they will get that return from that investment in the next few months.

When all of our schools met at Baldivis, it’s safe to say we were all very impressed. The school’s green team students gave some speeches about the work they are doing and took us on a short tour around the school. They have quite an active green team and a river rangers program. They also have some interesting initiatives underway – they are catching some of the rainwater from the roof of a building and will use that to wash their school buses. A great way to save water!

2017 was also the first year where the school hasn’t printed any reports. You can imagine with over 1700 students, that’s quite a lot of paper! Instead of printing the reports, they are putting the reports on connect for the parents to see.

We were also very lucky to taste some lemon myrtle cookies and kangaroo snags that were cooked up as part of NAIDOC week by some of the students. Thank you Baldivis for hosting the group, we were all very impressed and can’t see what else you have in store!