When it was time to go to Aveley school, all of our wonderful schools (particularly the Freo ones) were kindly reminded that Aveley has trekked all the way to Fremantle for the last 8 months, so with smiles on their faces, all of the LCSPP reciprocated the effort and made the 40+ minute journey to Aveley Primary School.

Aveley PS is located in Ellenbrook, a suburb tucked away in an area that was previously all gumtrees and wild bush. The view from Aveley PS is stunning, the Perth Hills make for a nice backdrop. Aveley PS was built a little over 5 years ago and while they have some brilliant facilities, Michelle Murry and some staff and P&C members have really pushed for a sustainable campus. They’ve even been lucky enough to have their gardener on board! They’ve built a stunning garden, which the kids are very excited to be involved in.

Photo Nov 23, 4 54 27 PM

They recently put together a student green teamed called CO2 & U (kids chose and voted on their name of course), and the team works on various carbon reduction initiatives around the school. The CO2 & U team gave a small presentation about the initiatives they’ve done at the school. One of their recent activities was making signs to help encourage students and staff to turn off the lights when not in use.


New Buildings & Sustainability

While the Department of Education does have a level of sustainability standards for most new buildings, there is still a lot of work to be done to reduce the carbon footprint of a new school. Aveley is working on a variety of solutions from small behaviour changes to larger retrofits. While a school may have efficient technologies, there can be a lot of waste with things left on and neglected, that can cost the school thousands of dollars per year. It really does pay to monitor your usage!


Each of the meetups always hosts a variety of interesting discussions. This meetup there were conversations about how to get students attending sustainability meetings regularly, methods of reducing energy in water fountains and getting kids to record the energy usage from the meter.

Towards the end the group talked about how the meetups act as a good motivator, both because you are in a room full of like-minded people, but also because schools get to share their experiences and ideas with one another.

We finished the afternoon with some pizza and more great discussion. Thanks Aveley for hosting!